“When I first started the process to adjust my immigration status I was really stressed thinking it was going to be a very long and tedious process. When I met Adriana and we started talking, her professionalism and organizational skills blew me away. She brought my stress levels way down. I can’t thank her enough for all the great work that she has done for me. I just recently received my Permanent Resident card.  The entire process with Adriana could not have been more pleasant and I highly recommend her to anyone that requires her services for immigration and translation needs. Also, her ability to speak Spanish and English proficiently with her clients is a very valuable asset.”

E. Sanchez

“Adriana has proven to be highly professional in her duties and responsibilities. I am impressed with the way she easily understands her customer needs and converts them into fast and excellent results. I will continue hiring Adriana for translations, immigration needs, and other related functions and needs.



“Adriana is high level, organized, responsible, dependable, reliable and efficient professional. When I needed her assistance and support I always got it. She is a great asset for whoever needs a job well done. I am very happy to have worked with Adriana and highly recommend her.”

M. Vera

“Adriana is an outstanding professional with excellent attention to detail. She can be counted on to deliver great results on all her projects and has the vision to anticipate and mitigate potential issues.”

C. Long

“Adriana is action oriented & full of energy for things she sees challenging. Above all she can be counted on to hold things together during tough times.”

A. Lopez 

“She follows through any task with due diligence. She is always willing to assist or provide guidance in her areas of expertise and handles current priorities in a timely and effective manner. Adriana is very knowledgeable, and I observed her to be thorough and very detail oriented. She has a great attitude, making her always a pleasure to work with.”

C. Ferrara

“Her ability to have a 30,000 foot view and go to the detail as well are one of her great strengths, adding to this her leadership and ability to manage several global cross functional teams in an immense organization is a task few people can do as admirably as her. Adriana can take on any business challenge and she will always deliver 100%. She is a person of complete integrity and candor and I will be delighted to work with her in the future.”

S. Mantilla


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